About Volleyball

Loughborough Students' Volleyball Club (LSVC) has teams competing in both BUCS and the National Volleyball League as well as regional and local competitions. We have two men's and two women's squads, plus a development section, so there is plenty of opportunity to get involved, whatever your experience level. 

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For further enquiries, drop us a message on our Facebook page or alternatively, you could email us at AUvolleyball@lsu.co.uk.


Men's 1st Team Fixtures / Women's 1st Team Fixtures
Men's 2nd Team Fixtures / Women's 2nd Team Fixtures


We are currently looking for a coach to lead our Men's 1st Team training sessions - job description can be found here.

Taster Sessions

Please keep an eye out on this section for further info on tasters! These will run sometime in September/October for the 2019/2020 Academic Year.


We have currently ended our season and will not be recruiting any new players until the 2019/2020 Academic Year. Trials will run again sometime between September/October. Full details will be updated here.

Training Times

Monday 7:00AM - 9:00AM @ Sir David Wallace - Zone C (M1 & W1 fitness training)

Monday 7:30PM - 10:30PM @ Sir David Wallace - Zone C (M2 & W2)

Tuesday 7:00AM - 09:00AM @ Sir David Wallace - Zone C (M2)

Tuesday 7:00PM - 10:30PM @ Sir David Wallace - Zone C (M1 & W1)

Thursday 7:00AM - 9:00AM @ Netball Centre - Zone 2 (M1 & W1)

Thursday 8:00PM - 10:30PM @ Sir David Wallace - Zone C (Development)

Thursday 7:30PM - 10:30PM @ Sir David Wallace - Zone B (M1 & W1)

Friday 7:00AM - 9:00AM @ Sir David Wallace - Zone B & C (W2)

Friday 7:30PM - 10:30PM @ Sir David Wallace - Zone C (M2 & W2)


W1 - Bertrand Olie

M1 - TBC

W2 & M2- Phil Cobby

If anybody would like to be involved with coaching for volleyball, then the CVA can help to provide courses through Volleyball England to help gain these qualifications. These can normally be funded if the hours are given back through the CVA by volunteering for the university. This can also be for officating too. More of this will follow during the academic year. 

News & Events
Club Committee


Chair - Fatiha Kamaludin (Faa)

Vice Chair -Joelle Ng

M1 Sec - Ed Wingerden

M2 Sec - Cas Vanbrabant

W1 Sec - Stefani Lukic

W2 Sec - Joelle Ng

Development Officer - Ian Chau, Hannah Rose Driver, Becca Chamberlain

Soical Secs - Hannah Driver & Lewis Stone

Media Sec - Harry KP

Welfare Sec - Eloise Ames

NVL Sec - Becca Chamberlain 

Treasurer - Jack Bradbury

Kit Sec - Ian Chau