About Handball

Loughborough Students' Handball Club consists of 2 women's and 3 men's teams, who compete in England Handball leagues and University Championships.

As of last year (2018-2019 academic year), Loughborough Handball has a Men's U19s team competing in the U19s Boy's North League; this team is for both university and college students who are born from 2001 to 2003.

As a club, we welcome students of varying ability. The first teams are for those with more experience and an advanced handball background, whereas the second teams are for those with little handball knowledge and experience, or complete beginners.

Our Performance and Development teams train 3 times a week, with 2 team handball sessions and 1 whole club fitness session. The U19s team trains alone once a week but may also train with the Men's 2s team.

As of the 2019-2020 season, at the British University Hanball Chapionships, Men's 1s gained bronze in the National Cup, with Women's 1s gaining silver in the National Cup, and Men's 2s gaining another bronze in the National Shield.

For more information about our club, please contact our social media pages: @lborohandball.



Tues 1st Oct, 9-10pm, SDW*

Sat 5th Oct, 2-3pm, SDW*



Thurs 3rd Oct, 8-9pm, SDW*

Sat 5th Oct, 3-4pm, SDW*



Fri 4th Oct, 8-9pm, Netball Centre


*Sir David Wallace Sports Hall


Follow our social media @lborohandball for more info.

Training Times



Men's PT: Maddie Edwards

Women's PT: Joby Lloyd, Guy Punja

Men's DT: Christina Young, Lauren Fletcher

Women's DT: Alexander Themis, Sid Iyer

U19s Men's: MJ Brown, Cindy Ng

News & Events
Club Committee

Club Chair : Carl Sundelin

Vice Chair : Justin Idahosa

Secretaries : Sara Trojnacka

Treasurer : Matt Thomas

Socials : Guy Punja & Siddarth Iyer

Welfares : Lauren Fletcher & Peter Charlesworth

Media : Emily Henn